Second City Tennis Bylaws

Revised 10/15/2014




  Section I - Mission Statement

  Second City Tennis, hereinafter called "SCT", is a subsidiary of the Athletic Alliance of Chicago (AAC), and our mission is to create and support competitive and social tennis programs for the LGBTQ and allied communities and promote unity among our membership. 

SCT will sponsor regular tennis competition among its members, through various league formats, as well as plan and implement the Second City Tennis Classic (SCTC) summer tournament for the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Association (GLTA). Through its contributions or conduct, SCT may also support worthy causes within the gay, lesbian, or tennis communities as appropriate. Finally, all SCT supported activities shall be open to and publicized within that same community.


  Section II - Fiscal Year

  SCT's fiscal year shall end August 31.




  Section I - Membership

  Any person who endorses SCT's basic purposes, is eligible to be a member. No one will be discriminated against on the basis of race, religious belief, sex, or sexual preference.


  Members of record shall be those people who are current on dues to both AAC and SCT (if required). Only members of record will be able to vote at SCT meetings and participate in SCT activities, unless otherwise noted. Separate dues for SCT will be at the discretion of SCT's board.


  Section II - Member Rights

  Members have the right to participate in all SCT activities, events and leadership as outlined herein, or with each activity or event. In matters of dispute which cannot be settled between the affected parties, members of record shall be entitled to a "fair hearing" by the board of directors of SCT. Members requesting a hearing should contact SCT president to initiate a review process. If appropriate, the disputing parties will be invited to present their positions to SCT's board of directors for a hearing, settled by majority vote of the directors present. This vote may be appealed to the AAC board of directors if necessary.


  Section III - SCT Meetings

  General membership meetings shall be held as SCT board determines necessary. These meetings may serve as a forum to discuss and vote upon SCT business, or as a social function. The board of directors shall be responsible for determining whether an issue, other than outlined herein, is to be decided by vote of the general membership of SCT. Notice of meetings will be given at least 30 days in advance.


  In order for votes to be taken at SCT meetings, a simple majority of the members of record present will be necessary for approval of SCT business. Voting may occur through written proxy, but only if dated and signed by the member casting the proxy ballot. Robert's Rules of Order shall be in effect for all official meetings of SCT.




  Section I - Election of the Board of Directors

  Election of the board of directors of SCT shall take place annually at the SCT summer meeting. All SCT members of record will be notified 30 days in advance of the slate of candidates for board service. Members shall be able to nominate themselves or others for service as a board member. Opportunity for nominations will be provided to the membership at least 30 days in advance of the notification of the slate and election. Popular vote shall determine the results of the election. The election shall be administered by the Secretary of the board. New board members will assume office as of September 1.


  The number of board members of the SCT shall be at least 9 and no more than 12. Members of the board shall be elected to a two-year term. The initial board shall be composed of one-half members with a two-year term and one-half members with a three-year term. There is no limit on the number of terms a member of the board may be allowed to serve.


  Section II - Officers

  The officers of SCT shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers shall be determined by popular vote of the board of directors. All officers shall be elected to one-year terms and may be elected as many times as the board so votes. Officer positions can only be held by elected board members. SCT officers will be responsible for the following duties, as determined by the board:


        1. President

        The President shall be the Chief Officer of SCT. He or she will preside at general membership and board meetings, call for board meetings, preserve order, form committees, appoint members, and see that the officers and committees perform their respective duties.


        2. Vice President

        The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of his or her duties and shall exercise the powers of the President in his or her absence or in the case of the President's death, removal, or resignation.


        3. Secretary

        The Secretary shall record all minutes at general membership and board meetings and ensure proper procedures are followed. In addition, the Secretary will be responsible for the maintenance of all SCT records and the distribution of these records for review as requested.


        4. Treasurer

        The Treasurer shall oversee, monitor, and report on the financial records and condition of SCT. He or she will bill members for dues and issue a statement on the financial status of SCT on a quarterly basis. In addition, the Treasurer will adhere to all generally accepted accounting principles and be responsible for the maintenance of all SCT financial records and the distribution of these records for review as requested.

  From time to time, or on a standing basis, the board of SCT may appoint Committee Chairmen to fulfill other roles and responsibilities of SCT, such as membership, social activities, leagues, etc. Committee Chairmen may be either a member of the board or SCT. Committee Chairmen will serve at the pleasure of the board and report to the President of SCT.


  Section III - Removal of Officers and Vacancies

  An SCT officer or board member may be removed from office through a two-thirds vote of the full board of directors. Vacancies, through either removal or resignation, may be filled by appointment of the board, at the board's discretion.


  Section IV - Board Meetings

  Meetings of the board of directors shall be held on a regular and periodic basis, as determined by the board. Robert's Rules of Order shall be in effect for all meetings of the board. A simple majority of the board members present is necessary for approval of board business. In the event of a split vote, the President's vote shall decide the outcome.


  All board meetings shall be open to any member of SCT wishing to attend. SCT members wishing to address the board on specific issues at a meeting should contact a member of the board prior to the meeting.


  Section V - Fiduciary Responsibilities

  The board, through the Treasurer, will develop a budget for the general allotment of funds and shall approve all disbursements. Receipts shall be presented for disbursements. SCT Treasurer shall have sole responsibility to approve checks pursuant to SCT business. Only the board may direct the Treasurer to approve checks, which shall be issued through AAC. SCT financial records will be available for officers or members of record to view upon request.


  Section VI - Amendments

  The bylaws of SCT may be amended by a vote of the membership at any meeting of SCT. Amendments must be recommended to the board for review and approval. Notice must be provided to the membership by the board as to the exact wording of the amendment, as well as the reasons for the change.


  Section VII - Relationship to AAC


  SCT is a subsidiary of the Athletic Alliance of Chicago.. All rules as outlined in these bylaws are meant to supplement those established by AAC. They are not meant to conflict with AAC bylaws. Should a conflict exist, the bylaws of AAC will supersede SCT bylaws.


10/15/2014 - Updated mission statement