Winter Doubles

Second City Tennis offers a co-ed indoor winter doubles league for all ability levels from beginner through advanced. 
.  Please follow the instructions below to complete your registration.
  • New Members must first create an AAC online account on the AAC website.

  • Current Members can log in using your current credentials  Note: AAC accounts are not necessarily the same accounts as the account on your SCT site.

  • AAC Membership must be current.  You can purchase your annual membership here. You can check your membership status by going to your account dashboard. If no status exists your membership has expired, if you feel your membership status is not correct please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

  • Registration is now open.  Save 10% if you register by October 14th October 21st.
Winter Doubles League program details: 
Season Overview/Schedule
  • (Updated for 2015-16) Cost is $400 per team ($200 per player). Substitutes cost is $25 with a guarantee of two sessions. All players and subs must be current AAC members.  

  • The league runs November 13, 2015 through February 26th, 2016. Matches are played Friday nights at Midtown :There are 6-7 skill-based divisions with 6-14 teams per division. Final team assignments for each division will be determined by the SCT Board based on last year's record for returning teams, as well as self-assessment information (for both new and returning teams). (Updated for 2015-16)

    • Midtown Athletic Club (matches played 10pm-Midnight) and also from 8-10pm (Updated for 2015-16)
  • League match play is a round-robin format. Each team will have several bye weeks throughout the season. All matches are best 2 out of 3 sets with a 12-point tiebreak. USTA Code and Rules will apply.

  • Happy hour from 9:30-10:30pm (between sessions) with complimentary cold and hot appetizers and cash bar (Updated for 2015-16)
  • Bar open to at least 12:30am, possibly later, depending on demand  (Updated for 2015-16)

/Reporting Scores 

  • All players will be required to check in with a league representative before all matches. If you are playing with a substitute, you must report it when signing-in.

  • After a match is completed, participants should decide who will report the score. All score reporting is online and results should be reported as soon as you get home after your match. If a substitute was used by either team, be sure to get the substitute's name and who they replaced; this information is required for score reporting. If no score is reported within 2 days, both teams will receive a loss. Score reporting is done via the website and you must be logged in to enter your score.  You can enter scores here.

  • Once scores are recorded, they will not be changed.  If a mistake was made during entry, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Warm-ups and Late Matches

  • Please keep warm ups short, ideally to 10 minutes.   

  • Matches must be completed by 10pm for the 8-10pm group and 12:00am for the 10pm to midnight group. (Updated for 2015-16)  If the 2nd set is completed with 10 min. or less time remaining, you must play a tiebreak for the 3rd set. If you have more time remaining but still not enough time to finish an entire set, consider the following options:

    • instead of playing a full third set, play a tie-breaker
    • do not switch sides in the final set and/or play no-add scoring (at deuce, receiving team picks who returns and the winner of that point wins the game)
    • play out the set, whoever is in the lead is the winner (if you choose this option, be respectful of your opponents and do not play slow when you have a lead)
    • if the lights are turned off at the end of our play-time, whomever is in the lead at that point will be the winner.  SCT has no control of when the lights are turned off so it is up to the 2 teams to finish their match within the 2-hour time frame.


  • Teams can only use substitutes from the list for that specific division. Active players cannot be subs for another team. If substitutes from your division are unavailable, you may use substitutes from the next lower division.

  • Each team is allowed 3 matches with one substitute player without penalty. After 3 matches, any match played with a substitute will count as an automatic loss for the team. However, the team with the substitute (receiving the automatic loss) can still defeat their opponents and give them a loss.

  • Each team must play at least half of their matches together to qualify for the playoffs.

Rescheduling Matches 

  • Teams have the option to reschedule a match if both players are unable to play on the assigned night.

  • Matches must be played on or before the assigned night. Matches cannot be finished on a later date.

  • If you want to reschedule your match, contact your opponents to see if they are willing to do so. If the opposing team does not want to reschedule, the match must be played on the assigned night. Scores from rescheduled matches must be reported within the same time window as those from regularly scheduled matches. If no score is reported, both teams will receive a loss. You cannot use a substitute for a rescheduled match.

  • Teams requesting the rescheduled match are responsible for finding and paying for court time as well as bringing balls.

  • Please let your League Director know if you plan to reschedule a match.

Forfeits/Missing Matches

  • If neither player is able to play and rescheduling is not an option, the match must be forfeited.

  • If you sign in with a substitute and your opponents forfeit the match, the substitute will not be counted.

  • After three (3) forfeits you will no longer be eligible for playoffs.

  • Two (2) NO CALL/NO SHOWS and you will be OUT of the league.

  • Please be courteous and call your opponents and captains if you cannot make a match.

  • Please let your opponents and League Director know ASAP if you plan to forfeit a match.

Playoff Schedule 

  • Playoff matches will not be rescheduled. If a team qualifies for the playoffs but is not available to play, they will be replaced in the draw with the next team in the standings.

  • Playoffs will be held  in early March 
    Format TBD

QUESTIONS? Contact the Winter Doubles Director Randy Leaver & Tuan Ngo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.